Golden or Silver Stanchion Poles

Product Details Product Parameters Product Features ► Continuous length, packed with 5 meter.Long life span 50,000+ hours and Low power consumption. Run on DC12v. Safe and reliable. ► Cuttable every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, according to requirement. ► Flexible ribbon for curving around...

Product Details

Product Details

Our stanchion barriers are mainly applied to mirror photo booth, building a perfect photo scene. It is durable with exquisite workmanship and superior quality. As a part of photo scene, there should be  six pieces of stanchion barrier pole.

Product Parameters

Stainless Stell Models

Titanium Modes

Overall Specifications


Pole Size


Chassis Size



Stainless SteelStainless Steel



Product Features

  1. High-tech grinding process, four hole evenly distributed, manual lock, strong lock type. 

  2. Polished round head after high temperature, delicate and comfortable handle, no gliches, not to hurt the hand

  3. Thick stainless steel precision machining, high density, high strength, durable and not to easy to break.

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