Three Ways To Maintain A Touch Screen

- May 21, 2019-

The professional touch screen is used widely in this modern society. In supermarket, hotel, office and even some streets, touch screen is here for us provide services. Now, the life expectancy of a cost-effective touch screen is not short, but the maintenance of it still deserves our attention.

Here I list three points of maintaining a touch screen.

1) Don’t long time use the touch screen under the high temperature.

Please don’t use touch screens under the sun for a long time. If the temperature reach to 40℃, capacitive screen will drift. The consequence of this situation is the display screen will be damaged.

2) Don’t let strong magnetic fields be close to the touch screen display.

When you use the touch screen, please avoid magnetic fields. Because magnetic fields will break the function of capacitive screen.

3) Don’t let water and oil cover your screen

Because oil and water will become a conductive layer on the touch screen and it will affect the function of capacitive screen. So, you should leave your touch screen away from water and oil.

Customers should pay attention to the three points mentioned here so that you can maintain your touch screen well and avoid the unnecessary loss.