The Newest Arrival — ROUND MIRROR BOOTH

- Apr 11, 2019-

To meet needs of different people and make change, we designed our own round mirror booth. This mirror booth will be more portable in evey events. There are two color to choose that one is black while another is white.  

Compared to other same style booth, T238 Round Mirror Booth is with more bright screen because the brightness of it can be up to 1000cd/m2. Besides, there are four main features of this new style:

  1. Adjustable height to meet the needs of different groups of people

  2. Variable light led ring light strip, remote control to get more fun

  3. Capacitive touch technology, up to 10 points to improve use experience

  4. Massive photo template and amazing animation to get custom photos

This new look style not only provides more choices for fans of mirror booth,  but also gets more convenient transportation. It can be devided into three parts and put into a flight case so it is easy to move to everywhere.