Self-service Camera Into The Fuxin City Vehicle Administration

- Dec 19, 2018-

In order to facilitate the citizens to apply for overseas (provincial) documents, the city's service halls are equipped with self-service camera machines, which are the first to provide free photo service for applicants who apply for overseas (provincial) documents.

The use of the self-service camera eliminates the public's past 20 yuan photography costs, and also saves the waiting time. The self-service camera is similar to a small house with a curtain at the entrance and exit, which is relatively simple to operate. Before taking pictures, the public first brushed the second-generation ID card for verification, then adjusted the seat, and chose a comfortable sitting position to align the lens. At this time, the camera will display an avatar on the display screen. After the preview, the public clicks on the photo, and finally chooses the satisfactory one. photo.

Self-service camera service is simple and quick to operate, user-friendly, and the process is clear and clear. The public can complete the camera according to the internal voice prompts and touch button selection. From finishing to taking pictures, the whole process takes only a few minutes. In addition, in the past, the public took pictures at the photo point of the social service, and the waiting time was longer. The self-service camera was automatically uploaded to the self-service filling machine after taking a photo. The public can then select and operate, which saves a lot of time.