RCM129PRO Is On Sale

- Jun 28, 2020-

According to its high Entertaining, interactivity and sociability, selfie photo booth can apply to large scope such as weddings, celebrates, festivals, parties, commercial meeting and entertainment venue. The entertaining and interactivity make it interesting for people to get together and get more fun, while its sociability will help people to share their moments online and develop topics.

This photo booth shell is not only with roaming metal shell but also with advertising board. So it can be well to show your personality or display your brand or event topic.

It can be devided into two parts: roaming photo booth metal shell and advertising led light box metal shell. It comes with:

① Round sheet metal parts

② Frosted acrylic lampshade

③ U-shaped bracket

④ RGB Symphony of lights

⑤ Sheet metal light box

⑥ Matte acrylic transparent advertising panel

⑦ Three white light strips

⑧ Sheet metal base