Knowledge About LED Light Strip

- May 11, 2019-

There are two main types of LED light strip in the market: one is soft light strip and the other one is hard light strip.

Soft light strip, That is welding the LED patch and flexible circuit board together and the back of flexible circuit board has adhesive, it can install anywhere needed. According to the different application environments and different requirements, surface treatment can be divided into glue waterproofing treatment and non-waterproof treatment.

Hard light strip is based on the soft light strip to solve the problem of the heat dissipation problem. It welds the LED patch and aluminum plate together. Therefore, hard light strip has a good heat treatment after long time service. Also, it can add aluminum tank to meet the demand of heat dissipation and the surface can do some related waterproofing treatment and non-waterproof treatment.

LED soft light strip includes patch round two coils, double-sided illumination, RGB light strip and so on. LED light strip is widely used in many fields like illumination and entertainment.