How To Reorganize The Infrared Touch Frame?

- Jun 13, 2019-

The data showed that capacitive touch screen occupied the market of 32 inch or less, and the market of 32 inch-84 inch was occupied by infrared touch frame.

For infrared, if the size is too large, the supplier has to divide the infrared touch frame into several parts to send to customers.

So, it is necessary to know how to reorganize the infrared touch frame.

The touch screen surrounded by Infrared receiving tube and infrared transmitting tube.

When something touch the area of the matrix formed by X and Y, it can locate the point by the changes of the intensity of infrared rays. We usually take white tube as transmitting tube and the black tube as receiving. Also, the transmitting tube has data line, so you won’t misidentify.

Pay attention to the following three points and then you will reorganize easily:

1) The length of the Infrared receiving tube and infrared transmitting tube should be the same.

2) When the four PCB boards are reorganized, the position order should be placed correctly. The two adjacent data lines are the transmitting tube and the receiving tube.

3) There should be a gap which means only three of the four corners of the rectangle need to be connected to the cable. Closed circuit will cause a short circuit.