How To Connect The Infrared Touch Screen To The Computer

- Dec 19, 2018-

First, the yellow color on the left side of the infrared touch screen is the high voltage input line. Continue to boost the 220V of the power supply to the upper kilovolt and input it to the LCD panel. The green color on the right is the screen driver board, which is used to drive the LCD panel.

Secondly, turn on the computer. At this time, the new driver will be installed in the lower right corner of the computer. It can be installed in a few minutes. After opening the computer, there is a floppy disk called infrared touch screen. Right click to enter the setting state and click Touch. The computer will give you a completed dialog box. Click on it to set it up and enter the account password. The necessary authorization for the infrared touch screen via the Internet is to improve the security of our infrared touch screen, making it a standard infrared device. With the driver, our system will bring security factors and simplify the use. Steps improve our connection efficiency.

Finally, it will be a difficult point for us to perform fast detection, which means that the infrared appearance detection is completed within 0.3 milliseconds. After the test is completed, open the infrared touch screen and input the corresponding password characters such as: rucio-93. The computer will pop up the corresponding dialog box and click OK (this time must pay attention to the infrared distance to ensure that the data can be successfully exchanged when the data is exchanged) while ensuring that there is no strong pulse signal around, to prevent the impact on the infrared device. Here, please be assured that the infrared transmission is not harmful to the human body, and the emission distance is short and there is no space pollution.