How Infrared Touch Screens Meet Different Needs Of Customers

- May 16, 2019-

The huge potential market and high sales volume make infrared touch screen become one of the best sells in touch panel products. Manufactures invest in money and new technology to create various new infrared touch screens. However, the application needs of customers are different.

Infrared touch screen is wide used in many fields like large interactive digital signage. The large interactive digital signage must pass diverse tests of extreme environment, because it may be placed in variety of environments. In public places with many people, the large interactive digital signage have to take heavy work; For some self-service equipment involved cash, the screen must be hard and and can resist the violent operation which is for purpose.

Infrared touch screen, as the outermost of touch display, it has a big influence in appearance. Therefore, manufactures must produce beautiful touch screens. Besides, the products must make a lot differences in design to meet customers’ demands and win competitions. Now, manufactures usually provide high customizations for customers.

Customers have many other requirements, because of these requirements, manufactures are developing new touch technologies which not only have wide size and the functions of dustproof, waterproof and so on, and also the adaptability of environment and high customization to meet the demands of customers.