A Small Trick To Clean The Carpet

- Dec 19, 2018-

1. The dirt should be treated in time to prevent the dirt from hardening and deepening after drying.

2, found a large smudge, apply the carpet washing machine for dry cleaning, but can not use more than 40 degrees of hot water and alkaline detergent, should use neutral high foam carpet cleaner; the carpet is clean after the humidity is high, you can use dry The cloth covers the carpet to prevent it from being stained again, and is used after being sucked and dried.

3, the oil stains can be rubbed with a clean cloth in the stains with gasoline or alcohol.

4. General stains are cleaned with a soft brush with a neutral carpet cleaner and then washed.

Special warning: wool is natural fiber, high proportion wool blended carpet is acid dyeing process, so it is strictly prohibited to use alkaline soap and alkaline detergent hot water to scrub, to prevent leg color, affect the appearance quality of the carpet and the service life of the wool carpet.