Selfie Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Selfie Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The Magic Mirror Me Booth is the new trend in photo booth industry. Since 2016, it has been sweeping the world. When you walk toward the magic mirror, there will be interesting animation effects inviting you to experience an amazing, magical and cheery feel, making more fun...

Product Details


The Mirror Photo Booth is a portable machine which combined professional camera, computer and printer together. It can take photos for your and your friends, but the function is not limited in taking photos. The photo can be shared in your social media and printed.

The Mirror Photo Booth usually used in events like weddings, corporate celebration, exhibition, etc.

If you want to hold a party, you may need a Mirror Photo Booth. Because the interesting templates and the funny animations will make your guests happy and leave them a unforgettable memory. If you want to have a commercial activities, you may need a Mirror Photo Booth. Because the photo templates customized to the brand and theme will help your marketing activities.

Three Steps to Use the Magic Mirror Photo Booth:

1. Open the software and choose a template. Follow the guide of animation to touch the mirror.

2. Take your own pose and wait for seconds

3. Choose to show your photos on social media or to be printed.


1. The lock of our mirror photo booth is great to assemble the frame. The front of the lock has a curved part as well as the frame, and the lock can be fixed by rotating and pressing down the moveable part, so that it can be assembled firmly.

2.There is a photo door on the right of our mirror photo booth. It can used for printer and you can take away the photos from the door. Just put the printer into the booth, make it close to the door and install the plate from the outside.

3. On the middle of mirror photo booth top, there is a flash light stand hole, perfect for strobe stand. So it is very easy to assemble.

4. Camera stand can make the camera to move up and down, so it allows users to adjust the best angle to take photos. 

Product Features:




55 inch / 65 inch

Max Resolution


Viewing Angle

R/L178° U/D178°



Contrast Ratio


Aspect Ratio


Pixel Pitch




Touch Technology

Up to 10 points infrared touch

Power Consumption


Power supply

AC 90V~240V 50~60HZ

interface parameters


Not only can we provide the basic booth, but also there is the full set available. The fullset comes with basic booth, camera, mini PC and printer. Software is not included but we can help you buy it.

Packing & Delivery:

Packaging Details

All booths are packaged by wooden box.


Shenzhen / Guangzhou

Shipping Time

It depends on where and which modes you choose

Our company is located in Chengdu, Sichuan. The main business is Selfie Mirror Me Booth and Infrared Touch Frame.

If you are rental companies, photographic studio, event planners, the selfie mirror booth can expand your business easily and it will bring high profit for you. With the popularity of the mirror photo booth, it can do something different in photo booth industry.


55 inch130CM137CM78CM25CM50CM133CM153CM
65 inch150CM157CM90CM25CM50CM153CM

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