Portable Mirror Photo Booth

There are two sizes of mirror photo booth, 55 inch and 65 inch.Four universal wheels under the booth and it allows the booth to move to all directions.

Product Details


► Decorative Wodden Frame

There is Free Retro Decorative Wooden Frame in gold for mirror photobooth. It will make the booth better look for users. Not only does it protect the led light strip and infrared touch overlay, but also it will be better to apply for events.

►Ring-Pull Handle

Different from other booths, under the booth there are four universal wheels, making the booth can be moved in all directions. So, in order to move the booth more easily, there are several Ring-Pull Handle on the side of the booth.

► Strobe Stand Hole

On the top of magic mirror booth, there can be a Strobe Stand Hole, perfect for any flash light stand. It satisfies buyers to install the strobe on the top of the booth and then the booth will take better pictures with those.

About features and advantages


The mirror photobooth can be applied to a variety of events, such as weddings, parties, graduation, etc.


Each booth mirror usually costs from $4200 to $5500 in total while it will earn from $400 to $1500 per event. Low investment will bring high returns.


There is a HD screen with 4K resolution and high sensitive infrared touch frame. Any fine operations will be recorded accurately.


The booth can not only take amusing photos but also let users do what they can do on computer like some amusing games.


The shell of product is flight case with useful appearance, protecting the equipment inside the case.



Q1: Whether to accept prepayment and is there a discount?

A1: 30% prepayment is acceptable and there is no discount when there is no promotion.


Q2: Where are your oversea warehouses?

A2: There are three warehouses in USA, one warehouse in Germany and one warehosue in Canada. It support our customers to pick it up by themselves while the booth cannot be showed when it is packed completely.


Q3: What is the delivery time?

A3: It depends on where the booth will be shipped out and which transport modes you would like. It will take 30-45 work days by sea and 5~10 work days by air from China. The delivery time for booth in warehouses will be 3-10 work days, if it is in stock.


Q4: What is the different between the basic booth and the full set?

A4: The basic booth comes with flight case, mirror, ir touch frame, 4K hd tv and free wooden frame in gold, while the full set comes with basic booth, camera, printer, prints and mini PC.

Q5: What will you do if there is damage because of the quality of the booth?

A5: When it is damage or problem of the booth, it is better to contact with the sales firstly and record the pictures and videos. As soon as we figure out it is caused by the quality of the products, we will resend you the new part or bear reasonable repair costs. 

photobank (8)

55 inch130CM137CM78CM133CM
65 inch150CM157CM90CM153CM25CM50CM176CM

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