55/65 Inch Touch Screen Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror photo booth has been a new trend for events such as parties, wedding and so on. It can make people together and have fun, leaving an unforgettable party time. Recently magic selfie mirror photo booth has been sweeping over the world. No matter what country you come from and no matter how old you are, magic selfie mirror photo booth will bring everyone a new and excited experience in events.

Product Details


Product Description

Rectangle Mirror Photo Booth is the traditional mirror photo booth and it has been popular since 2016. The rectangle mirror photo booth comes with:

  • Two in one flight case with fireproof coating

  • High resolution 4K TV screen

  • Mirror

  • 10 points infrared touch frame

  • RGB led light strip

  • Golden decorative wooden frame for free


No.1  Flight Case

Each mirror photo booth comes with a flight case including handles, wheels and a protective foam cover, it's easy and safe to travel with. And there is fireproof coating on the surface so that it has certain fire resistance. To prevent damage during transit, we put it in a speciallymade wooden box. It is a bit heavy but it's hard. Even with strong impact, it can still keep the mirror intact.

No.2  Real 4K LED TV

The resolution of 4K Ultra HD TV is 3840x2160, which means that the total number of pixels of 4K TV has reached nearly 8.3 million, while the number of pixels of 1080P Full HD TV is only 2.07 million.

The led tv has advanced image quality processing technology, high contrast and clarity. Purify more than 90% of short-wave blue light damage, protect eyes while maintaining brightness, color fidelity.

    No.3  Infrared Touch Frame

    Each mirror photo booth comes with a same size ir touch frame. It can be touched with a finger, a pen, or anthing that blocks light. It is highly stable and will not drift due to changes in time and environment. It has a long service life, is highly durable and is not afraid of scratches. Good operating system compatibility and support multiple precision touch points.

    No.4  Two-way Mirror

    The mirror of the photo booth is from the largest supplier in the southwest region of China, and we test it with many hard things and it's also remained intact. The mirror with 20% transmition and 80% perspective rate. Transparent glass can be used to sandwich the thermal interface outwards for added security and better perspective. It is scratch and wear resistant. Besides, this mirror can make people look more slim.

    No.5  Wooden Frame In Gold

    There is free decorative golden wooden frame available. We use the most traditional craft, made a beautiful carving which makes mirror photo booth look more refined. The photo frame is detachable and it also has sliver, we will develop more color and style photo frame in the future.

    No.6  Led Light Strip

    Our led light strip can be controlled by app and the RGB color can be changed. It is attractive for users and makes the mirror photo booth more fashion and beautiful.

    There are two size of rectangle mirror photo booth available, 55 inch and 65 inch. The size of 4K TV screen is also different. 55 inch rectangle photo booth  is with 43 inch 4K TV screen while the 65 inch is with 50inch screen.





    Package & Service

    Taking the different usage and different customers into consideration, there is basic rectangle selfie photo booth and full set rectangle selfie photo booth for sale.


    Basic Package of rectangle photo boothFull set package of rectangle photo booth
    • 55 / 65 inch weightlight flight case

    • 55 / 65 inch infrared touch frame

    • 40 / 50 inch 4K TV screen

    • 55 / 65 inch high quality mirror

    • 55 / 65 inch wooden frame in gold

    • Led light strip for different sizes

    • 55 / 65 inch Basic Package

    • Canon DSLR Camera

    • DNP/Hiti Printer&Prints

    • Mini PC with i7 CPU

    Canon DSLR Camera

    For better shooting results, we make Canon DSLR camera as one part of full set. It is with 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+, and there is 16 GB SD Memory included. Besides, it has long battery life. If the camera has full power, it can last 5 hours at least.

    DNP/Hiti Printer & Prints

    There is DNP RX1 printer or Hiti 525L in the package.  It always takes 8~12 second to print one picture and what is nice is that it does not need ink.

    And there are two rolls of prints inside, 1400 pieces of DNP or 1000 pieces of Hiti in total, while the parameter of the prints is 4*6" or 2*6".

    Mini PC

    With ungrading, we have been improving the configuration of our mini pc. Taking cost and usage into consideration, we finally decide to use Inter core i7  CPU and there are kinks of interface such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA. The RAM is 8G and it is with 128G storage. If there is higher expectation, you can pay 50$ more to get better pc. 

    About Software

    There are many options for the software and it depends on you. Usually we suggest DSLR Booth, Social Booth and Darkroom for our customers. Most software supports Canon or Nikon cameras and some of them support multiple language, and can be used with any printer for Windows. About computer, all for windows some also support mac. They can share on social media, so you can share with your friends. If you have any question about it , we are glad to help you.



    Customized size

    At present our classic sizes are 55 inch and 65 inch, and it's the most mainstream sizes. But now we can provide custom sizes, we will meet you as much as possible. And now we are developing a complete set of equipment and a new genration of products. If you have any needs, please conact us.

    Overseas warehouse

    In order to shorten the waiting time of the customer, we set up a warehouse in USA, Netherlands and Canada. Not only short transmit times, but also the price is better. There is ofen a batch of products in stock, a batch on the way and a batch ready to ship. For more information please conact us.

    After-sale service

    We can provide online after-sale service and there will be professional team to deal with questions or problems you have.

    Application Scenario

    • Party&Event

    • Wedding

    • Park&Entertainment Place

    • Hotel

    • Museum

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