Wide use of sheet metal industry

- May 14, 2019-

Sheet metal processing industry and sheet industry are two important industries in our daily life. Sheet metal nearly services every metal manufacturing, and also services many manufacturers of mechanical equipment. Sheet metal industry is developing very fast. There are two reasons below:

1) Low requirement for processing accuracy, easy to learn for workers. Alloy processing enterprises commonly need different equipment to meet various demands.
The punching precision of sheet metal is generally about ±0.1mm, and the bending precision can generally reach ±0.5mm, so the precision is much lower than that of gold processing.

2) Increased demand. China, as International Processing Manufacturing Center, investment from oversea is increasing, and the demand for metal finishing is increasing. And the demand for sheet metal processing capacity is also increasing, because the electrical control boxes, machine and so on usually are sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal processing has higher requirements for workers, and stamping can reach about 30%, laser cutting can reach about 50%. Although, sheet metal processing only accounts for only about 25% of metal processing, with the development of market, the market share of sheet metal will increase.