Why use a dual system with the touch one?

- Dec 19, 2018-

The two systems that people use more in life are Android and Windows. Android is generally used on mobile devices, such as our mobile phones or tablets. Windows systems are more commonly used on computers, when everyone wants to When the relevant information is uploaded to the touch-enabled all-in-one, everyone generally chooses how to upload it in which way? Just as we usually go to the print shop to print certain things, some people are used to copying the content to be printed to the computer in the print shop using a USB flash drive. Some people only bring the mobile phone and upload the relevant content to the print shop. The same on the computer's QQ or WeChat. When people want to send something on the touch-type all-in-one, how do you get used to it, it doesn't affect the release, which is why the touch-one machine uses dual systems.