What decide the quality of photos?

- Jun 27, 2019-

You may noticed that many mobile phones has high pixels even than camera. But if a mobile phone has the same pixel as camera, the photos taken by camera will be better. So why the same pixel make different quality of photos?

Because the pixel is not the only element which decide the quality of picture.

Pixel density represents the number of pixels per inch. If the mobile phone and the computer has the same pixel, the picture in mobile phone will look more good. That because of pixel density.

Physically, the photosensitive element, COMS, records the collected light information. The larger the size of the CMOS, the better the light information it receives. The better the quality of the picture taken, the less the noise will be.

Look at the camera and the mobile phone, you will know the COMS of camera is always bigger than mobile phone’s. So, using camera will get better photos.

Remember that don’t ignore the pixel density.