The Boats of Oldendorff will Equip LED Light

- Jun 01, 2019-

It is said that Oldendorff, a operator in Germany, equip LED light into his boats.

First, Oldendorff had a series of tests in the boats. The results showed that comparing to traditional light, the efficiency of LED light improved 80 percent. Therefore, it can reduce the number of lights and save the electronic power.

The person in charge said: If we used LED light, it will reduce the discharge of pollutants from boats. Because LED lights has a lower requirement of electronic power and a longer services life.

There are 6 boats which equipped LED light already. Oldendorff is planning to equip all the boats.

LED color temperature can be selected from 2000K to 9000K, and the selectivity and color richness are superior to traditional lamps. If used properly, the crew will get a better environment.