The application of touch screen

- May 20, 2019-

The touch screen has advantages like hard and durable, high speed reaction and easy to move. When the finger touch the screen, it can show the words and images with this technology. This technology can bring convenience to the people who don’t understand the computers.

Touch screen has a wide use fields in China.

1) Development and production of multimedia touch products, touch screen, hand writing computer and touch screen central control systems.

2) Touch screen inquiry equipment, bank self-service equipment, fingerprint attendance machine, touch screen digital download machine, touch screen multimedia inquiry software; touch display, industrial touch screen, industrial flat touch computer and industrial control computer.

Touch screen developed very fast, it known for the functions of bright color images, easy to use, business consultation and information inquiry.

Here list some situation where touch screen used:

1. Payment System in Stores

Some counters using computer interactive terminal equipment, customers can get stuff’s name, price and receipt by touching the screen. On the one hand, shop keeper can check out the payment on the terminal equipment, and on the other hand customer can check the information of goods.

2. Financial Trade

Speed and accuracy are two important elements of Financial trade. Touch screen makes the process simply, so customers can focus on their decisions.
3. Public information inquiry service
Outdoor inquiry terminal is a new style of E-commerce platform and public information platform. It includes various information such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The government and enterprises can issue various types of information through the inquiry terminal.