Mirror photography skills

- Dec 19, 2018-

There are various kinds of reflective surfaces in daily life, such as mirrors, windows, sunglasses, water surfaces, etc., by using these objects to take a mirror effect, the photos can be filled with psychedelic atmosphere. In this micro-classroom, we will introduce several mirroring techniques to make your photos even more cool.

1. Using a vanity mirror

This photo is taken from the mirror of the bathroom to capture the scene of the girl's makeup on the mirror. When shooting, try to use a large aperture and set it to a single point of focus, and focus on the person in the mirror to shoot accurately, so that the real sister can be seen as a foreground, and the image of the girl becomes the subject of the photo. The picture will be more interesting.

Always adjust the shooting angle when shooting, try to let the photographer hide outside the mirror, and use the sister's arm to block yourself, so as to avoid the appearance of the photographer in the mirror, otherwise the picture will be worn.

2. Using motorcycle rear view mirror

Similar to the previous picture, the reflective surface is replaced by a mirror. Also pay attention to the photographer when shooting, do not enter the screen to prevent wearing, but also focus on the face of the girl in the rearview mirror. In addition, try to choose a simple background when shooting, and use a larger aperture to blur the background, the effect is better.

3. Using glass to create "ghosting" effect

In fact, not only can you use the mirror, but you can also use the glass to make a very interesting effect. The photo below shows the girl standing behind a glass window. When shooting through the glass, the glass reflects the reflection of the opposite building, and at the same time, the girl can be clearly seen. The effect of ghosting.