Knowledge of Printer

- Jun 04, 2019-

Classified by working principles, there are three types printer: Inkjet printer, laser printer, dot matrix printer. Classified by printer output mode, there are three types printer: Page printer, inkjet printer, dot matrix printer. Page printer includes Laser printers and LED printers.

Laser printers and Inkjet printer are popular in normal family. For small companies, they more like laser printers and dot matrix printers. However, the big companies prefer digital composite printers.

Inkjet printers, laser printers and dot matrix printers are common in market. Although the Inkjet printer is cheap, the Ink cartridge is expensive. In order to solve this problem, Epson, HP and Canon created their own Inkjet printer which can add ink into the printer.

Drum power and drum separation are two types of laser printer. Because the cost of drum separation are lower, customers prefer drum separation.

Epson and OKI are well known for their 82-column 24-pin category printer.

Recent years, Mobile photo printers and thermal printers are popular in our daily life.

LG ZINK inkless printing, Fuji silver salt imaging, Canon Sublimation Printing are main types of Mobile photo printer.

Thermal printers and thermal transfer printers are used in the supermarket industry. The common barcodes we see in supermarkets are basically printed by thermal transfer barcode printers. The checkout ticket for the purchase is printed by the thermal printer.