Infrared technology touch screen market application

- Dec 19, 2018-

First, the fifth-generation infrared touch screen is very likely to stand out, breaking the pattern of sound waves, resistive screens, capacitive screens, and infrared screens. The most likely scenario is that infrared screens occupy more than 80% of the mainstream market, resistive screens and capacitive screens are locked in applications below 4 inches, and sonic screens will be phased out.

Second, the fifth-generation infrared touch screen is expected to break the long-term occupation of the domestic market by foreign manufacturers, and remove the US and Japanese touch screen products from the Chinese market with better quality and lower prices. However, some manufacturers in Taiwan Province of China will have an important position in the mobile product market with a five-wire resistive touch screen.

Third, by making full use of product advantages and increasing the intensity of international market operations, the fifth-generation infrared touch screen can compete with foreign products in the international market. However, it should be noted that the product advantages of the fifth-generation infrared touch screen can be kept for a limited time. The research and development strength of foreign manufacturers has not been neglected, and the technical advantages of a single product may soon disappear.

Fourth, due to the improvement of functions and performance, the fifth-generation infrared touch screen will open up new application fields. For example, infrared touch screens may appear frequently in industries such as industrial control and home appliances, and form an alternative to input devices such as mice and tablet. The relationship with competition has an impact on the market for related products.