How to realize touch interaction in large-size LCD TV video wall

- Dec 19, 2018-

Large-size splicing interactive touch wall is more and more accepted by the market and recognized by consumers. It is widely used in major application industries: enterprise group, government agency video interactive conference, school classroom teaching touch interaction, multimedia digital exhibition hall interactive display, commercial game touch human machine Interactive, exhibition halls, museums, shopping mall windows, etc., coupled with professional touch application software, make the conference, display interactive field more vivid and efficient.

Large-size splicing touch wall is an interactive touch wall device that integrates ultra-narrow splicing screen, infrared multi-touch screen, spliced tempered glass, splicing processor and computer mainframe. It supports multiple narrow-edge LCD screen splicing, according to the overall display area of splicing. The long and wide custom tempered glass and multi-point infrared touch frame are installed step by step according to the engineering scheme, and connected to the computer control host.