How to install a large-size touch splicing screen?

- Dec 19, 2018-

First of all, in the convenient transportation, we can disassemble into 4 sides, which greatly saves transportation costs, and is easy to install and construct on site. Each side of the factory is labeled with AA, BB, CC, DD corresponding side terminal cable, one The USB data cable can be used by connecting to the operating system. For example, the glass needs to be used on the large screen of the field application, and it can also be added.

Touch splicing screen is a fantastic and dynamic interactive experience. It can be implemented on any size wall, and it can produce many novel effects such as animation, rotation, and flutter. Its flexible performance, novel and fashionable picture, and the combination of sound and animation can effectively attract the attention of the audience. It can improve the return rate and average browsing time in crowded and crowded places, which can activate the atmosphere and increase the technological content. Improve the popularity of the scene, attract pedestrians to stop and watch, greatly enhance brand awareness and memory.