How to choose a ring fill light

- Jul 28, 2020-

Purchase notice 1: Single and dual color temperature selection?

When buying a ring light, the color temperature selection is also one of the important considerations. Ring lights have a single color temperature (standard 5600k), most of the market has a dual color temperature function. The color temperature can be adjusted between 3200k-5600k, which increases the variety of ring lights in use. Users can easily switch between different color temperatures during the shooting process by simply turning the knob to create more creative photographic works.

Purchase notice two: the advantages and disadvantages of heat dissipation

When purchasing a supplementary ring light, users often ignore the importance of heat dissipation. It is important to know that the heat dissipation function of the ring light is directly related to the key reason for the service life of the ring light. Led will generate a lot of heat when it is working, and if it does not dissipate it in time, overheating temperature will greatly reduce the overall service life of the ring light.

Purchase notice three: LED lamp beads quantity and power

The greater the number of LEDs, the greater the brightness and power. So when buying a ring light, you must pay attention to the actual number and power of the led

Purchase notice four: compatibility issues

Ring lights were born in an environment where Internet celebrity live broadcasts are everywhere. It meets different shooting needs under many requirements, and different photography accessories may be used in the process. Can support a variety of accessories, it depends on the design of the ring light.

Purchase notice five: color rendering index problem

The color rendering index (CRI) refers to the different colors displayed by different light sources on the same color object. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproduction of the light.

Purchase Note 6: Infinite light intensity adjustment

The ring light is designed with a stepless dimming knob, which is convenient to use and makes the lighting more intuitive and accurate.