Built-in flash application range

- Dec 19, 2018-

1. Although the built-in flash has a low flash index and a fixed lamp position, if the ambient light is dim, there is no tripod or if a slow shutter cannot be used for special reasons, you can use the built-in set top flash as the shooting source. Bright shadows and brightening of the subject at the backlight can also be used as a supplemental source.

2. Slow door sync flash. When shooting low light or night portraits, the shutter speed is generally controlled within the range of 1/250 to 1/60 seconds. Such a short time will make the object exposure normal, but the background is underexposed and the picture looks very blunt. Slow shutter sync flash, can make people both brighter, but also make the background is also brighter, to achieve the harmonious effect of the human landscape, highlighting the sense of the environment. The specific method is: the camera is set to M-speed full manual mode or Tv shutter priority mode, the shutter speed is set to 1/15 second or even slower, then turn on the flash to shoot.