A Market analysis of tempered glass in capacitive touch panel

- May 24, 2019-

Comparing to 2013-2017, the demand for tempered glass for projected capacitive touch panels is increasing quickly and the speed of development of large size is more than the small size.

Because of smart phone, Pad and some laptop which use capacitive touch panel, the demand of market will continue to increase.

But because of smart phone and Pad, some application products like digital camera, sport camera are not popular like few years ago. It also means, tempered glass are losing some markets.

Although large size tempered glass develop faster than small one, the market share of large size one is lower than small one. Now, the demand of smart phone and the Pad still dominate the whole industry, but the demand of AIO PC and LCD display with touch panel is increasing too.

The tempered glass industry has features of a labor-intensive traditional industry that has a low level of automation and relies on a large amount of manpower, so the experience of workers will affect products’ quality. If the manufacturing process of tempered glass is not proficient, it may not be easy to achieve good results in the development of tempered glass integrated touch panels. So, our manufacturers should be proficient in the manufacturing process of tempered glass.